Looking for people

There are a few people we are looking for. First: we need an aerospace engineer (or engineers) who are familiar with satellite and/or space probe design. Secondly: we need a person (or persons) who are familiar with under the hood aspects of NetBSD and scientific programming in C. Our goal is to create cheap, mass producible satellites and probes for civilian use. Programmer(s) will have to work closely with the engineering types to design an operating system for the satellites and probes using the NetBSD kernel. We won’t be manufacturing instruments for the devices we build, that will be left to the clientele. In addition, we plan on making the operating system proprietary, which means that an SDK will also have to be developed for clientele use. As for satellite/probe design, we plan on making them cheap so off the shelf components will have to be used where possible. This enterprise currently doesn’t have any income, so for now work will be unpaid. People who are interested in assembling the components into the final product should live near each other and come up with a place for assembly. If you have any further questions or think you qualify for these jobs then contact me at

NewSpace Business Plan Competition

This could be helpful for Anu. Even if we don’t get the prize we could still get exposure from becoming a finalist.

For those of you who are visiting from Reddit

This is the blog of the space project that’s currently being discussed on Glasscubes. Since we’re planning on forming a for-profit company we can’t use “Reddit” in our name. “Anu” will most likely be part of our company’s name, it is the name of the ancient Sumerian sky god. This blog is currently rather empty though you should watch it for updates.